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Get all services related to your appliances

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Your refrigerator is an essential appliance as it provides enough space to store fruits, vegetables, milk products, & other food items, allowing you to make mouth-watering meals & dishes for your guests & family members.

Refrigerator is an indispensable appliance for all hotels, resorts, houses, & etc. However, you can have problems with your refrigerator like other home appliances. A life span of a refrigerator is too short as it works constantly than any other appliances at home, sooner or later it starts acting up & issues with your refrigerator start occurring and it is not fun dealing with a faulty refrigerator, as it is the most needed appliance at home.

The most of the issues can be fixed yourself before you have a technician visit your home to have a look at it as it saves your time in calling a technician and until the technician visits your property & fixes it. However, when the issue is complex and you are unable to find a solution for it. It isn’t easy fixing a faulty refrigerator as well. That’s when you need the right repair & service provider to take care of the issue with your refrigerator.

As a result, it is very important that we need the right technicians, who are professionally trained and certified to have a look at your refrigerator & diagnose a root cause of the issue & to fix it.

If you are looking for the knowledgeable, skilled, professionally trained, & certified technicians to have a look at your faulty refrigerator, then you have landed at the right place.

E-repair service center in Bangalore is the right place, where you can find a solution for all issues related to your refrigerator. As it is the most complex machine & the one and only appliance that works continuously to keep your food items fresh as when you need them to be used.

Our certified technicians are well versed at diagnosing and expert at repairing all types of issues related to your refrigerator irrespective of any brand that you have.

Our certified technicians are well versed at repairing the below types of refrigerators for the brands such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Onida, & etc.

The types of Refrigerators that we can fix:

  1. Single Door
  2. Double Door
  3. Triple Door
  4. Side by Side Door
  5. Bottom Freezer

The below mentioned issues are very common with all types of refrigerators:

  1. Refrigerator is cycling or running repeatedly
  2. Water leakage
  3. It is not defrosting
  4. It is too warm
  5. Light does not work
  6. It is too noisy
  7. It is not cooling
  8. It does not turn on
  9. It consumes more power


Our technicians are proficient at fixing the above common issues with your refrigerator irrespective of any brand that is at your home, hotel, & resort.

For any issues related to your refrigerator, you can call us on …………. & discuss it and get a quote as well & our technician will visit your home to diagnose the issue and resolve it at an affordable price with the best service provided.

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