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Cooking or heating food, whether it is a veg or a non-veg has always been an easy and a simple task to do with help of a microwave oven. It is also safe cooking or heating food using the microwave oven and healthier as well, as it holds more nutrients while cooking food using a microwave than cooking using a stovetop cooking method. This is very important for us as everyone is very concerned about the health on these days, as staying and living a healthier life is all about living a good life for every one of us.

Also you can control a cooking time by yourself as to how much power would you like to use for a cooking purpose. Neither it retains the heat as well in your kitchen nor does it heat up everything in your kitchen.

Microwave heats the water directly in the food as a result it consumes lesser energy than a conventional oven or a stove. As a result you save a lot on your electricity bills.

What makes a microwave oven the fastest and the easiest source of cooking and heating food? Let us look into it briefly.

Microwave ovens consist of magnetrons that generate electromagnetic waves that measure in between one millimeter to 3 feet. It radiates up to a 3 inch electromagnetic wave, as electromagnetic waves are much smaller and higher energized wavelength. Studies show that it is actually safe to cook in a microwave as it retains nutrients while cooking and heating.

As easy as it sounds to control the power usage in microwaves and as fast as it sounds making or heating food with microwaves, maintaining it is also important at the same time. Proper maintenance of not just an oven but any electronic appliance can increase usage of your appliance for a much longer time.

For the proper maintenance of any appliance, all you need to do is just follow an instruction manual or a guide of your appliance manufacturer. But not all people can understand the guide or the manual due to technical jargons used in it. It is better to have a knowledgeable and professional technician in contact for the proper maintenance of your appliance. Even with the proper maintenance of the appliances, a few issues can occur as a time passes and with the appliance usage.

The below are the most common issues with the Ovens:

  1. Oven not turning on
  2. Oven not heating
  3. Oven getting sparks
  4. Oven not rotating
  5. Oven button not functioning
  6. Electricity gets tripping.

It does not matter how well the microwave oven is maintained, but the above issues can occur with the usage as the time passes.

When such issues occur, it is recommended that you contact experienced, professional, trained and certified technicians to resolve the issues.

Only experienced, professional, trained and certified technicians can diagnose the issues thoroughly and find a root cause for the issue and resolve the issues up to the manufacturer standard.

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