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When your AC fails during the high summer, staying without the air conditioner is unimaginable as extreme heat during the summer can cause your body to consume a lot of energy to strive to keep up the right internal body temperature. During the high summer when the temperatures goes up, the summer heat can cause serious health issues such as Hay fever, Asthma, Food poisoning, Heat stroke, Lyme disease, and the Sun burn.

Especially your children can be at high risk and more vulnerable towards such health issues as the heat and the humidity provide the absolute conditions for the bacteria to reproduce and grow. With the children we also need to be worried about senior members of our families like the children, as they are also more vulnerable to the health problems that can occur during the summer as the body ability of elderly people to fight against the bacteria goes low with the age.

As the maximum heat or a temperature can have a negative collision to the brainpower of a living being, while the air conditioner can actually help to reduce this stress especially during the summer.

  • The air conditioner can boost levels of comfort at home as well as at your work station.
  • It can strengthen your intelligence and helps you to perform well in whatever you are doing.
  • Low temperatures can decline insects and parasites
  • Low temperature can help you to sweat less and as a result it reduces the risk of dehydration.
  • It also filters the air and makes it so pure and clean by removing outside allergens

For all the above benefits of your air conditioner, your air conditioner needs to perform & function well. Good installation of the air conditioner and its proper maintenance can only help it to perform & function well as the proper maintenance of the air conditioner can boost the performance and the quality of the air to breath in and out.

For the proper maintenance of your air conditioner all you need to do is, just follow an instruction manual of its manufacturer, it is as simple as that. You also need to keep windows of your house or office open when the air conditioner is not in use, so that natural air can also circulate in your house or office and shut the windows back while the air conditioner is functioning so that it can filter the natural air and remove all pollutants and allergens and provide you with the fresh, pure and healthy air and on this way it makes a healthy environment at work station or be it at home.

You can also encounter other major issues with your air conditioner even though you have read the instructions manual and checked and maintained it properly all the time.

A few common problems with the air conditioner are as follows:-

  1. Air Conditioner does not turn on
  2. It does not cool down the temperature
  3. It freezes up outdoor units
  4. It is too noisy
  5. It freezes evaporator coil
  6. Electric Control Failure
  7. It leaks water

These are the most common issues that you encounter with the air conditioner. You need knowledgeable technicians to resolve such issues. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and experienced technicians with all the latest knowledge of all types of air conditioners. Our technicians are trained & certified in fixing all types of air conditioners of all types of brands, make and models.

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